Bannerghata National Park

Last weekend Mrs. Nair and me had visited  Bannerghatta national park. The place closest to Bangalore where you get to see animals other than humans, dogs, cows and crows. We decided to hit the place early to avoid traffic and the weekend picnic goers. And we were  spot on with our decision for when  we decided to return at around two in the afternoon the  crowd was bigger than the Anna campaign. At least  5 schools, two convents, teams from s/w companies and hundreds of nuclear families were fighting to find picnic spots around the park.

Once inside, the main attraction is certainly the Grand Safari. Animal sightings are guaranteed, because they are not exactly in the wild. They are in open spaces, and that's all the wilderness there is to it. It was for sure better than the experience we had at Mudumalai, where a local Jeep driver took for a ride on the highway that runs through the forest in the name of Safari. But that's a story for later. There are separate  enclosures for bears, lions and tigers. One will be taken around in Mini Bus will iron grills covering the windows. There are camera holes on the grill. This is certainly the time to go clicking away, because I doubt one will get to see these beings  closer  else where.

On the return trip we got down at the butterfly park. It is an impressive structure, well maintained. I had visited one such butterfly farm while in the UK, this is better.  A museum (dead butterfly display) functions adjacent to the farm. There, a film (in English and Kannada)  on the importance of the colourful creatures to the environment runs in a loop. 

The zoo has an impressive collection of fauna.The zoo is well kept (only the leopard enclosures were reeking of urine). A lot of reptiles (esp. snakes), Elephants, Zebras, Leopards, Bears, Monkeys, Hippos, Birds (don't miss the great Indian  horn bill - the state bird of Kerala) , Crocodiles and the usuals make up the zoo.

Some Useful Info (in case you decide to try the place out)

Opening Timings  9 AM to 5PM. Closed on Tuesdays.
Safari Timings  10 AM to 4 PM
Travel Time  1-1.5 hours depending on traffic
Attractions  Lion, Bear and Tiger Safari, Zoo,  Butterfly Park, Museums
Price List
 Grand Safari (Inclusive of Zoo ticket) -
 Butterfly Park

Treks are  organized as well(lasting for 1-1.5 hours). I think the price was mentioned as  INR70, but I am not sure if there are conducting it anymore (an inquiry would help).
There is lots of space for Parking. The fee is INR15.
Heads Up :
The shops inside the and in the vicinity of the park sell stuff at 5% more than the M.R.P.
Its going to be crowded on weekends, so its better to reach there early and try to catch the first safari.

*All the prices above are as of the time of writing this post. Unfortunately I am no time traveler.

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  1. Hmm...good to know that the butterfly park here is better than the one in UK

  2. @Bharath: Dude, go there. being in Bangalore you should go there at least once.

    @Srivatsa: Yeah man.. it was better maintained.