Logical Reasoning At 0530 Hours

Five minutes more
Not today, tomorrow for sure
You are tired
You work too hard
You look perfect
Diet and compensate

A  month more to go
Bad nose block
Its raining 
Legs are paining
The fog is thick
Its cold, you'll fall sick.

I have this crazy idea, in my bucket list, of running a full marathon.  Even though my body has been designed with the remotest possibility of accomplishing such a feat, I thought to give it a try. As an initial scare I decided to participate in the half marathons of Kaveri Trail and Ultra marathon events of 2011. To my utter surprise and shock it seems I cannot run 21 km without practice. So I have to (try to) get up every day morning and complete at least a quarter of the total distance which till date I have successfully failed to do.  The d day is September 18th, after which depending on my availability on Earth (might as well be Heaven by the time I finish 21km on foot), I will update the status of my venture. 

Sharing feels good and purifies your soul (true story!)


  1. Nothing matters. All that matters is the desire to do something and having the will enough to do it. This will be a piece of cake. Good luck.