Logical Reasoning At 0530 Hours

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Five minutes more
Not today, tomorrow for sure
You are tired
You work too hard
You look perfect
Diet and compensate

A  month more to go
Bad nose block
Its raining 
Legs are paining
The fog is thick
Its cold, you'll fall sick.

I have this crazy idea, in my bucket list, of running a full marathon.  Even though my body has been designed with the remotest possibility of accomplishing such a feat, I thought to give it a try. As an initial scare I decided to participate in the half marathons of Kaveri Trail and Ultra marathon events of 2011. To my utter surprise and shock it seems I cannot run 21 km without practice. So I have to (try to) get up every day morning and complete at least a quarter of the total distance which till date I have successfully failed to do.  The d day is September 18th, after which depending on my availability on Earth (might as well be Heaven by the time I finish 21km on foot), I will update the status of my venture. 

Sharing feels good and purifies your soul (true story!)