The Sound Of Rain

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Option One : Poetry

Weather means more when you have a garden. There’s nothing like listening to a shower and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans.
~Marcelene Cox
Using the quotation above as your inspiration, write a poem (any form is fine) about weather meaning more.]

Splattery Splat Splattery Spalt,
The rain drops drummed on the window pane.
The sun and clouds in mortal fight,
No Longer scorched the soil remains.

Croakery Croak Croakery Croak,
the big green frog in my garden cries.
Pussycat dear from his noon nap woke,
the time is here to mince more mice.

Rickety Rock Rickety rock,
Under my burden the wooden chair grunts.
And a mug of cream and coffee thick,
Would you wish or anymore want?

Screakery Squeak Screakery Squeak,
I hear the hinge on the farmhouse door.
A howling wind unabated seeks
To devour the silent summer whole.

Hootery Hoot Hootery Hoot,
the brown old barn owl chides.
Oh!! Now I remember I have to glue,
The leak in the barn where he hides.

Splat,Croak,Rock ,Squeak and hoot,
together they play a lovely band,
A tune which soothes
A tune with life
A tune of joy with hope unbound.

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