Of words, words and still words?!! - Crazy Phobias

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Phew!!! with to the core GRE and GMAT prep going on in the house its pretty difficult not to catch a word or two. For some days it was medical terms and shit they are hard to study and more hard to listen. My ear tried escaping those words but with the complexity of them and the pronunciation.. you have to hear them, man . Here is some word diet for you to chew on. After seeing that there are a good lot of words i don't know, i thought i will start with fear...phobias..These words really scare the shit out of me... There are some crazy phobias that you won't believe exists (Well at least I didn't!!).

Scolionophobia - The fear of school .I had it... I admit... If i had known about this then, it would have been a perfect excuse to skip school. How come they don't teach all these things at school??
666 Did u freak out now??? Then you have got the Fear Of 666. And they actually have a word for it : Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia . :)The number 666 or the Satan's Number really freaks out people. I wonder how they did at Maths. If they were asked 222*3 for an exam would they really scream their brains out???!!!
Vestiphobia : This is one kewl phobia . I know the kind of people having this-the bollywood hot chiks... oh!! and it means Fear of clothing.Nowadays you can't play a Hindi song on TV for Fear of Family.It also means poor husbands don't need to take their Vestiphobic wifes out for shopping.. :) Hoping for a Vestiphobic world!!! ;)
Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia : Hahaa!!! It is not the fear of Hippopatamus... guess what !!! its the Fear of long words. And they couldn't make a longer word to define that.What in the hell? Anyone looking up on the name of their long word fear would shit in their pants reading this. How would anyone having fear of words speak at all?? They might act dumb and use those sign languages and plug their ears lest some words start drinking their blood.. Oooh!! Vampire Words...
Thats it from me on Phobias!! I will find better ,crazier words and post them for the ignorant lot like me.
Aaahhh...My boss is coming ... Bye bye for now...
I sure have "gettingsickonseeingtheboss"ophobia...
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