Very Important Notice!!!

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My birthday is coming up and I am publishing a wish list...
You can buy me or do what ever you like in the list.. its left to you
My wish list :
  1. pay off my credit card bill
  2. M40-A3 sniper rifle
  3. Be a target for practice
  4. Pick me as a blind date(make sure its blind otherwise you will regret it the rest of your life. If its blind you don't know whom you are dating till the end. Brilliant right!!) and give me a SURPRISE!!! * Conditions Apply
  5. Make me pay for all the pain I have caused you by sending me to Switzerland and freezing me to death. Come on I have done so much to you and I am giving you a brilliant idea.
  6. Visit my blog everyday, even though it sucks big time!!!
* Offer valid only for girls.

Those who can't do any of these can attend the Bday Party I am throwing. You can come there with the mentality of an imbecile and eat what ever I buy you with out having the slightest feeling about what a disgusting friend ditcher (Dosth, dosth naaa rahaaaa...) you have been. Don't you worry when you see my big round eyes , about to cry or when you see me looking at your empty hands and smiling with a tinge of sadness on my face when you come to MY PARTY!!!!

Common man, just kidding but you can be there for the target practice at least can't you, friennnnd..... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

Sharing feels good and purifies your soul (true story!)