Living With Them

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It' tough!! Ok.. coming to what's tough...I cooked up this whole blog because i was bored in office today. Yeah! I did . Cool right. Iknow.
Them in the title basically refers to three beautiful blond super sexy chicks who I live with.
See, now you are imagining. Now as the brain exercise is over, "them" actually means my room mates who are everything but _______ blond super _____ chicks. [Those parts have actually been censored for my existence on earth.]

Them 1 is a guy a named Jobin or Jobsy[yeah like Chopsuey.chopsuey jobsy,jobsy chopseuy..

Fact File
Name : Jobin Thomas
Interests: watching movies( that too romantic english movies...) and browsing
Habit : Nocturnal(sleep : 5-9 am). Nocturnal doesn't sound right. sort of like a cross between software developers : one who did morning shift and one who did night shift.
Habitat: Computer Room

NO!!NO!! NO!! you got it wrong. He is not the guy with thick glasses staring at the computer and drooling with mouth wide open. He is the guy with out the glasses and the drool(well sometimes...). But he finds time to do all his stuff before all this. May be he has got this awesome time machine thing that he is not sharing it with me (that bloody sun of a gun).If he doesn't share neither am I going to share the chocolate I got today.

Them 2 is Govind [ As the name suggests you may be thinking of a guy with innocent eyes , a
dash of ash on his forehead. Let me advice you STOP!! you are thinking too much than you age allows you to.The only way he could be named Govind is that his Mom saw him for the first time and he was having a beer bottle in his hand. She must have screamed out loud ... GOVINDAAA... I would have if I had a kid like that,even you would have, admit it. Coming to think of that, I have to think of a better name to scream in such a situation.. How about BRAD PPITTTT.. or JAMESS BONDDDD... Lot of time to think over that. Now coming back to the subject. The baby got his name finally. He is a Software Engineer who is always under work pressure (welcome to the club, have a seat on the toilet , the club is really cramped). He has a Car. He has a pair of socks.

Them 3 is Jason.
Jason (Greek: Ιάσων, Etruscan: Easun) was a Greek mythological figure. His father was Aeson, the rightful king of Iolcus, and his mother was Amphinome.
That was just for general knowledge. He is not the son of Aeson and Amphinome... If he was He would have a tough time telling his Mom's name .. every time it would sound as I'm Phi Know Me?? People would think , Phi, cool name. May be his brother is Phu. He is a playboy. He really plays basketball well and he is like a boy. He has this cool bike which he rides like the ghost rider. You know what I mean... Ghost... Oh God!!I'm so funny.

Then finally the hero arrives.... The fighter of all evil...Spreading light through the darkness ..
I don't like to flatter myself . Being a software engineer the first thing you are taught is to tell whatever you have done in a blown up way. Suppose you have done nothing you can adjust with the big words like optimization,analyzing tree structures.. Amma!! I don't even realize what i am saying...
It would be unfair that I leave out myself considering the praises i have showered upon my room mates. See, as you would have already guessed I am obsessed with writing crazy stuff... But, hold on, that doesn't mean in anyway that I am crazy. If you use better words like psychopathic maniac or stuff like that I will have to agree Because I don't understand those big words, I would rather think you are praising me. I am a perfectionist i.e; to mean that if there was a speck of dust on my table, it would better be there the next time I look... otherwise I don't care who the bloody hell has moved it.. I want it back there!!!
I have a Mush and that too a good one... its so good it helps me keep that my part of my face covered up ... I am thinking of now better ideas like a beard , a pair of glasses... In the end I can imagine myself becoming the most handsome hunk around here... BOOKINGS OPEN NOW!!!!

And here's one thing that very less people know... My mom and dad actually named me Pankaj first.. But luck was with me, I don't know why. (No offences to the name Pankaj but it is really easy to make funny names with it like panku, pankunni ...)May be I pissed on people who called me that name...( Beware!! Danger Baby here... Oh!! Boy , i was damn smart back then), My dad decide to change it to Rahul.Now it seems Pankaj is a cool name after all. In a crowd of 6 , there are atleast 5 Rahul's other than me... Thanx to Bollywood...

To my room mates : If you think I have been unfair to you... I would say... This is my own bloody blog... You go and write whatever you want in yours... Yeah, bring it on...

Guys you know its like living with half headed guys , when I am with you. Your half head and my half head makes it One HELL of a head....

Sharing feels good and purifies your soul (true story!)


  1. awesome maga.. :) love that part were u describe me.. nocturnal.. that i am... :D and yah govind.. he caught u and ur pair of socks.. yeah baby... =)) and jasons quite the playboy.. u knw wat i mean.. :D

    all in all awesome post man..

    and u knw wat u are spascticated nerd a pshcopathic maniac.. a megalomaniacal tab on my tounge..

    [the last part is slipknot lyrics.. i dnt knw wat that means..] :)

  2. nice topic dude!!!!!!!!

    i liked the last part more!!!

  3. Waiting to see your roomies reply to this post...

    [Good that I am not your roomie:)]

    Anyways, nice post dude.

  4. Super blog machha. It's good to see that you have not lost that humour touch till the end of the post. I think it's one of your best work so far.

  5. @jobsy: thanx maga... I am all that... thanx for all the praise macha... u too are a good spascticated nerd a pshcopathic maniac and a megalomaniacal tab on my tongue..
    @bharath:thanks man

    @Pradeep : it was thoroughly reviewed by them before posting... uph!!! i had a tough time convincing them.. at last I di Divide and Conquer

    @chandan: thnaks man

  6. wow, nice description of two long-term chums.....when did u actual start writing long essays in one go????

  7. @eli : i started writing so long essays as I was wthout work for so long... hehe