How to Waste Time -Effectively!

Wondering how to effectively waste your time ? Not to worry, the hardwork has been done for you, look no further. I have put together facts and figures to help prove this theory, which in fact is not a theory anymore. This data has been collected with lots of patience, tears, frustration, surviving the wrath of Mrs. Nair, zombie apocalypse nightmares, all over a span of 5 years.

I Wait

Happy Valentine's Day!

Like a sail on waters still
Waiting for the western wind,
I stay moored in seas of time
To feel your every breath in mine.
Like how tulips in darkness fold
and open for the rays of gold,
My dreams dwell dormant in their womb
Till your warmth will make them bloom.
Like how swallows in winters cold
Fly to sunny southern shores,
My soul has flown away with you 
For it is yours to keep and own.
And like the trees that wait for spring and rain,
I wait here for you to make me whole again.